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Mangochili Thai Cafe

Thai food is all about the interplay of flavours: spicy, sour and sweet, and at Mango chili, we bring all the flavours that Thailand is famous for, from all its culinary regions, but with our own creative twists.

We serve fresh Thai cuisine with the swiftness of fast-food service, all at affordable prices.All the recipes have been tweaked to create just the right balance of flavours suited to a global palate. However, Mango Chili is more a café than a restaurant. You can enjoy your meals alongside your favourite cup of coffee or with a drink from our selected bar menu in a spacious setting. Here, it is all about having fun and enjoying a delicious quick bite of genuine Thai cuisine on a casual day out.

Mango Chili’s selected menu has been inspired by Mango Tree, an award-winning
international Thai restaurant chain. Mango Chili operates under the Mango Tree/COCA
franchise, and all our services adhere to their impeccable international standards. Our staff have received special training for a month in Thailand that is followed by a month-long training in Nepal to ensure the delivery of top-notch service.

We solely use halaal meat for all our non-vegetarian dishes.

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Grapow Chicken

Drunken Noodles

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Second floor, LABIM Mall, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

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